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One UI/Pie Release: UK & Ireland.


Hi all.


Worth having a check in Samsung Members > Notices for stuff on the One UI/Pie release.


Screenshots from a UK Note9 sent to me by a hero (or two) in the office today:





image016.jpg  image017.jpg image018.jpg


  image019.jpg  image023.jpg image024.jpg



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@EmmGee1 wrote:
BTU is the product code for UK. I'm S9+

Screen shot or it didnt happen 🙄

I have an unlocked s9+ still no update for me 

I have too unlocked s9 buy from shop Samsung and nothing 😕
Unlocked S9 and nothing as of yet

Hmmmm .....nowt for me! 

S9+ BTU, nothing via OTA. Nothing on SamFirm...


I'm gonna install Smart Switch, see if there's anything on there
Some guy trolling us :smiling-face:
Unless proven otherwise

As predicted....🙄 Sounds like it's a load of *****! Please see image attached it's shows that the only update that's available on the Samsung servers for BTU is Oreo 8.0. In the last 10 years of using android and being around various forums for that same period I've never understood what kicks people get by posting fake news! 😑

Edit : I've tried XEU aswell for 9 aslo 9+ it's showing just Oreo 8.0Android 8.0Android 8.0


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