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One UI/Pie Release: UK & Ireland.


Hi all.


Worth having a check in Samsung Members > Notices for stuff on the One UI/Pie release.


Screenshots from a UK Note9 sent to me by a hero (or two) in the office today:





image016.jpg  image017.jpg image018.jpg


  image019.jpg  image023.jpg image024.jpg



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Source, a person close to Samsung. Gave such a date in a closed group in the Telegram. True or not, we will see tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, around 12 pm
All patience ... :)))

 No sorry I have the galaxy s9+ and I still don't have android 9.0 pie on mine I'm EXTREMELY frustrated I always check to see if there is an update 

The last Beta update for the UK was 18th December. Fingers crossed for tomorrow .. 

Everything seems to be pointing in that direction. I best backup my S9 then tomorrow in anticipation 

Is it just the Exynos varients that have been released up to know or has any of the Snapdragon varients started to roll out in regions? Noticed a build for Russia has been released but I'm unsure if it was for either of the above 

Rolling out now! BTU unlocked! 

BTU? havent got it on my phone yet. Unlocked S9
BTU is the product code for UK. I'm S9+
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