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One UI Official Release - FEEDBACK

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Generaly, I like it, but there are a few thing I'd like to point out, on my S9+ the app icons are just HUGE (If there is a way to change it please tell me, and the keyboard...oooh the keyboard..It's to tiny the Fn keys did not even fit inside the box.. Please Fix. Screenshot_20190122-182642_Messages.jpgScreenshot_20190122-182443_Samsung Experience Home.jpg

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Superuser I

Just to mention that important Feedback can also be sent via the Samsung Members App @B0bariaN


In regards to the keyboard have you tried changing the size of it via your Samsung Keyboard Settings ?


Press the cog wheel in tbe tool bar of your keyboard then choose Keyboard Layout and Feedback followed by Keyboard Size and Layout.


I can't test this myself as I'm awaiting the Samsung One Ui update.



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