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One Ui ? More like *SAD* UI


What was Samsung thinking with this horrible BACKgrade to One UI with Android 9? Where does one even start? Sad effect on battery life. Screen isn't as brilliant. Horrible in daylight; even cloudy conditions, constantly have to crank up the screen brightness. Washed out colors. Frustrating clumsy navigation in Samsung-specific apps, especially Contacts, Messages, Music. Sluggish Wi-Fi performance. Sluggish screen tap / motion response. And YES, Samsung ... this all started after this pathetic One UI update. It's just sad, Sad, SAD! Go back to UI school, Samsung. This One Ui is an extreme fail. It's on the verge of basically bricking normally excellent devices.  ... and by the way Samsung, NOBODY uses Bixby (end that go nowhere attempt at controlling us). 

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