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One UI Feedback


Hi all, Just asking people to possibly put some feedback for the new One UI..

IF you have it on your device...


Edit/Update your post when you possibly find something. 


Loving is so far, a little apple looking but hopefully that might change a little.. feels good, easier to navigate for sure & greatly improved all round.. 


Camera is awesome, to me if looks an feels much better than Oreo. 


Here are some bugs I've seen so far though..

This is what beta is for though I suppose😎


The list.....


1. When scrolling down through emojis they seem to flicker an lose there grid slot, overlapping each other as the scroll animation starts.. fast scroll shows this also slow scroll just not as much.....

Able to reproduce this Glitch

2. When camera going over x2 focus you notice the different depth on the image, quite off putting.....

Able to reproduce this Glitch.. maybe normal??  

3. When my S9+ is locked & you wake ul device to swipe down & say enable aeroplane mode, when you have to unlock the device the top of the screen to confirm it.. upon where the notification/date/battery/clock icons stays white background for several seconds after unlock and enabling/disabling something.....

Able to reproduce this Glitch

4. When closing fb messenger active chat heads, I get a weird screen flicker partially on my screen, on homepage for less than 0.5s
Multiple coloured lines from left to right.. different pixels each time......
Able to reproduce this Glitch, maybe messenger issue but was not present in oreo 8.0

5. Only happened once, but went into notifications through settings & then when I clicked show all from past 7 days, when I first scrolled through the list of apps it was a double image that I was scrolling/pulling down, above list of apps I seen original. it pulled that image down an didn't scroll properly...... 
Not able to reproduce the glitch


Will update as I progress..

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Not all of my stock samsung apps have updated to One UI, look below for pics.20190118_075539.jpg

Can anyone please assist me with this issue? 


Updated 48 hours ago. Here is my experience so far: 

- I took 24h for the system to process the update adequately. It was sluggish during this period and I was planning a factory reset, but then is sped up and now it's very fast and responsive. 

- Battery is draining faster then before (maybe partly because Bigsby is now working 24/7 in the background?). I will wait a few days and if it persists I will do a factory reset. Battery should be much better, if for nothing else then because of system wide dark theme, so this problem doesn't make sense. I hope it just needs few days to calibrate. 

- In the camera, when you go to filters, there used to be a feature called "auto". It would increase the contrast and saturation of the image, without adding any real filters. It was really good and useful (made the pictures "pop"), and now it's gone for some reason, there are just regular filters. 


Kudos for the visual change and dark theme. 


Several issues:

Dolby at mos does not stay on after restart.

Smartthings does not detect new mic and cannot switch audio device.

Performance is sluggish especially during the PIN input during reboot for secure startup.

Battery drain is extreme compared to Oreo/Experienxe UI.

In Quick panel, selecting an option requires you to tap done or OK, Umlike Oreo, you can just swipe up and done.


Otherwise One UI is an excellent redesign from Experience UI.

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Has anyone had any problems with camera options after the One UI update? Cause now the option for shooting higher than FHD is gone, and so is the option for 60fps, am I just not seeing something? Screenshot_20190124-100711_Camera.jpg


The option is there, you have tap on the selection to change the video resolution and frame rate. Hope this helps. QHD does not have a 60 fps option, too bad.




Give it at least 24 hours, battery life will return to Oreo level of efficiency. It's probably just calibration issues, I am not sure. 


 - It's not calibration. After my Pie update, I had a noticible battery drain and did factory reset. It's been 7 days since my factory reset (battery had enough time to calibrate). Battery is better since the reset but still disappointing compared to Oreo.


At the moment I'm using the phone with even less apps and strain on the procesor. On top of that, everything in the UI now is black as night (compared to all white in Oreo), and the phone is still giving me 60-70 minutes less SOT. This is far from what I expected (I expected better battery, not worse).  


Then I don't know what to say to that. Mine works fine after 24 hours, with nearly 8 hours of SOT. Depending on your country,  this may only affect your region or country. Hopefully another update is showing up soon.


8h SOT???! I am more then envious my friend :face-with-tears-of-joy: 

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