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One UI beta. UK S9 version.


Will the beta only work with BTU or XEU versions of the phones software? Tried looking and cannot find anything on this? Tia

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You keep saying register your phone in Samsung Member app. Which you don't need to.

My galaxy s9 didn't even register it didn't let me.  You just need to have BTU or XEU firmware and open Members app and click on notice then you should be able to sign up for the beta. That's what I did

Anyone else having problems with bluetooth I'm trying to connect my huawei watch they both find each other fine but can't connect them together 😕

No I can connect to my bluetooth speaker but haven't tried anything else to be straight !

I thought my phone was smooth on Oreo but it now seems to have even more creamy silky slickness, I cant stop scrolling and swiping 🤣🤣🤣

Does anyone have the link to download the znkr beta 2 as over the air isnt working for me

Screenshot_20181130-163138_Software update.jpg

 That's the latest one.


Flash btu firmware then sideload beta then register in Samsung members then re flash btu firmware then open Samsung members then open notices open beta notice then go to software update install beta done please dont brick your device
Same it didn't register for me until I flashed btu firmware and then sideloaded in recovery the beta then on the app it gave me the option to register

The phone app search function crashes regularly 

Ok so Im still using the German snapshot thing of One UI (waiting on the downgrsde to oreo to download off sammobile xD)

But I saw something odd and idk what it is so I thought I should ask...

In the background running app thing where you save power it says that 'Now Playing' has been using a lot of power...

Dyu guys know what that is?


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