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One UI beta. UK S9 version.


Will the beta only work with BTU or XEU versions of the phones software? Tried looking and cannot find anything on this? Tia

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Well that worked. My s9 came from I recall it being brj6. November security update. I think the csc was btu. Does that sound right for the version of oreo I need? Cheers. Still sloooowly downloading. The suggested app didn't work. 😔 

Im on 3 with an unlocked phone and have the "Service provider SW ver. H3G/H3G/H3G".

Can someone provide a good link to the firmware for XEU so I can download the beta?

Is this link fine:

Thanks, I'm a bit conservative when flashing, is it safe?

Why arent my posts showing?

Well most arent. Oreo, for my S9 from BRJ6 csc btu, november 1st security. Sound correct? Cheers.

Just seen your last 2 Bjamp

But I've posted about 5 others that arent showing.

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Screenshot_20181128-205446_Samsung Members.jpg


Thats the beta out for me, gs9+ in Uk bought from carphone warehousScreenshot_20181128-205752_Software update.jpg


To confirm the version of oreo I require. I'm pretty sure I was on BRJ6 with CSC BTU and had the november update. Does this sound right for a UK bought ( S9. Cheers.

Can anyone please confirm the oreo version I should download. UK bought S9 from with the November security update. Cheers.

Are anyone else's Samsung browser tabs off centre now? I updated the browser after getting the beta so not sure which has caused the issue

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