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One UI beta. UK S9 version.


Will the beta only work with BTU or XEU versions of the phones software? Tried looking and cannot find anything on this? Tia

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I just lost 14% battery life overnight with aod off.😑

Ah sorry mistaken your comment for his lol 

That tricked me too lol

Haha no problem , we're just all loving the beta!!!

We certainly are, I wonder if he managed to flash BTU? then grab latest beta update? 

I hope so. Not like he never originally had it. I lost it on my S7E 2 years ago when it went in for repair was gutted but got it back just before the official release so wasn't all that bad.

Any reason I wouldn't have it yet? 

Updated to the latest software thinking that was the problem but still nothing. TIA 

I'm using a ee locked s9. I flashed btu firmware then installed beta via recovery sideload then booted into beta install Samsung members, note banner is present, register for beta. Check notices to see if beta notice is present dont open, re flash btu or xeu firmware. Boot into stock oreo firmware and download Samsung members. Open app go to beta banner and check if you have the option to deregister if yes dont click if not click register then go to notices and check if beta notice is their then open notice. Now go to software update and install beta. Restart then go back on to Samsung members click notice then open Hotfix notice then go to software update and install hotfix. Hit restart and enjoy

When first installing beta via sideload it will first boot up initial set up in a different language it will eventually reboot and you will be able to complete setup in English, then proceed to registering for beta step.
My battery is awful, gone from 12 hours i i had with Oreo to 7 today
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