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One Ui Beta Germany s9 still not started(?)


Hello everyone I'm from Germany and recently i got information from the Samsung support that the beta should start some when today (15/11), but now it's already 00:00 and I still can't see anything about the beta in the Samsung members app, where i was supposed to sign up for the beta... 

What I mean is that the day's over and I tried everything to get the update but the notification in samsung members still doesn't show up... Pleas help me... By the way I'm using a galaxy s9 with exynos

Hi. I have the same Problem. I'am from Germany too and today i could not Update my S9+ to Android 9....

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Hey geht mir genauso und auch immer noch nix

Geht mir genauso


Hi all. :smiling-face:


Not sure if you're aware of it, but there's a thread about the One UI Beta in Germany on our German Community here:


u might have to first update Memebers / Samsung+ app. Install latest version by downloading apk. worked with me.

US was the first ones to get android Pie follwed by Germany 2nd.

someone ask the Germany and US  community how they got Android Pie Beta

ask them do we have to register our phone on Samsung Member app and do we need a factory unlocked phone or unlocked firmware (BTU) 

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