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OLED SAVER Works for Flickering, Green Tint/ Black Sreen Issue


It works (OLED SAVER) ! here is the settings after you enable it

-set you your screen to WQHD+

-Screen Mode: Adaptive Display

-use Pixel Filtering (it would look pixelated if your screen is in FHD)

-Brightness 51

-Basic Physical Brightness 255


Mine just looks the same as before. 

The Green tint and flickering is gone, Hope it will last


Using S9 Plus Exynos


Hope it works for you too.

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Yes, indeed. My Note 8 got the same issue post an update. Greenish screen with parallel lines started appearing on the display - lines appear only above a certain brightness. Didn't want to go to service center due to Covid and service center technicians would want to change the display altogether to make money. Used it somehow for a week. Meanwhile had started getting headaches everyday - I never imagined they were due the PWM on the screen - kept thinking it is due to late breakfasts. Then suddenly while researching for the display problem which so many users are complaining about now ( DONT UNDERSTAND WHY SAMSUNG IS SLEEPING OVER IT), came across the topic of PWM and Oled Saver app on playstore.

This little fix saved me atleast Rs 20000 for sure (~ 270 USD) .

Was facing the issue of faded colours, but then used the settings recommended by you and it works.

Thanks a ton. Let us spread the word.




I have the note 8 and I am facing the same issue, what is wrong with the update, do you think it will be fixed in future updates?


i have  the same issue of galaxy note 8.😬

problem appear after phone little  heat


Nope. It will however be fixed if you upgrade.  samsung never fails to surprise me with bugs and issues after every new flagship release.  Tolerance is the key my friend.. 


This issue just started for me on my US galaxy S9+ Snapdragon , but it happens only when I immediately press power button ,Some people have said it is a LCD connector cable issue , Is It ?? Anyone ??

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My Note 9 same issue....After install OLED Saver problem fixed.

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