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No updates since april

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Hello. About month ago i bought used Samsung s9.  I havent received any updates since i bought it. Im from czech republic, by imei it says its from Luxembourg. My latest security patch is 1. april 2019 .Smart Switch didnt worked to push updates, factory reset, wipe cache too. Sending some screenshots. Is there any way to push updates without flashing? As u can, says my model is SM-G960FZKDLUX, but in Phone info its different. Phone never was rooted and its stated as original. Even Phone info says there are new firmware available



I think you will need to change the CSC code as Default Country.


I let you info, you will need to read outside here for how to do about.


See you and have a nice weekend too :four-leaf-clover:

Hello :smiling-face: How can i do this?

I can not tell you in public and you will be a delicate operation to set.


You will need special files and program to do, but you will lost warranty if you change. Then could be interesting, under warranty, to explain to the official worker of them, and not to me.


But it is easy and a lot of people use it continuesly and me in the past too :smiling-face:


Ask to them for exact information about :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


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