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When i bought S7 edge i got a VR 

When i bought s8 i got a tumi case

when i bought note 8 i recieved a gift 



S9 HAS NO SUCH GIFT THIS TIME. realy disapointed to pre-book... No advantage or special treatment this time ....

Very dissapointed by samsung promotional team. 


this was not accepted and expected from u.



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I asked the same thing to call center..... i have 3 S7 and 1 plus and 2 s6, a lot f tablet, tv, s8 e s9+, but this time i’m feel so bad (sorry for bad english)

And as expected, you now get a free tablet A 10.1" on any S9 purchase from O2.


Nice, just nice Samsung, why would anyone pre-order again?

Bugged displays for over a month

Highest price

Yet the paying beta testers get no such gifts.


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I guess, they are not obliged to send you gifts, lol. I'm pretty excited when it comes to presents, especially if they're various electronic devices or even simple accessories. My husband loves this kind of things. Additionally, he is an electronic- hunter, so qualitative devices for him is a calm life for me at least for a month or so, lol. Next week he has birthday, so this year I tried to order him a basket full of beer from I really loved the design, meanwhile the price was pretty affordable. I've ordered Let’s Day Drink bouguet and my husband was so happy with it, sometimes I think that even happier than when I presented him something electronic.

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