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No 4G connection (symbol shows!)

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I have a Galaxy S9 since 1y and it worked fine. Recently I updated the software to the latest version, and I noticed my 4G doesn't work. The symbol shows, but only the arrow UP is constantly lit. The DOWN arrow is blank. I contacted my provider and they saw no problem. They have given me a new SIM-card, without any result. When I put this SIM-card in an old S6 device, the 4G connection works fine. So I think the problem is with my S9 device. Maybe it has nothing to do with the update, but I think this in not a coincidence.

Anyone has this problem too?




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Hi jari8289

Can you check if 4G is enabled, sometimes the Software update can reset some settings:

1. From the home screen swipe either up or down to access apps.
2. Tap Settings.
3. Tap Connections.
4. Tap Mobile networks.
5. Tap Network mode.
6. Tap LTE/3G/2G (auto connect).

Also, does the 4G connection not work in any area or is the problem only in certain areas?

I have no 4G symbol either on my S9. 

The settings is on 4G.

But if I turn of wifi the 4G or 4G+ symbol comes up.

So I think the S9 prioritaise using wifi and when wifi is not availible S9 goes over to 4G.

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I have the exact same problem (4G arrow up, sim swapped, no solution). Also did an update recently. I contacted my provider (Proximus Belgium) and they said this is known issue at Samsung. I have changed the settings to only connect through 3G/2G and that works. Don't forget to reboot after you've changed the setting.

Btw: it would be nice if someone from Samsung could confirm it this is indeed a known issue.

Here, in Belgium, the same problem. After the update: no 4G anymore. Changing the settings in 3G/2G works, but that isn't a solid solution. Hello, Samsung? A reaction please! We want 4G back!

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I can confirm the 4G works again with the latest update from August 1. G965FXXU6CSGD

I felt the same issue of having LTE connection problem, although the area have strong 4G network. If i turned on the data of my S9, first it shows 3G connection i.e. H or H+ and takes time to connect to a 4G network and show LTE. Yes, the problem started after a certain update released from Samsung. I found somewhere that S9 model SM-G9600/DS is facing this problem which I possess. Could others plz check if there models are same or different?
No solution yet?
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I have the exact same problem since the update in december. 

*Galaxy s9

*4g not working 

*Up-arrow lit

*3g works


Did a network reset, which solved the problem teporarily, but the issue is back and not even a reset can fix it now.


Hello Samsung! This is a pretty serious issue. Fix please.


Hey guys, glad to learn I'm not alone, upset to find out there is no solution 


Got my fresh sexy S10e in December 2019, I bought it in Mother Russia. Nothing even remotely close to the issue in question. As soon as I turned Wifi off - I get connection whatever my phone can receive, including 4G. All was great, even though the network that I use in Russia (called "YOTA") is known to have mediocre to poor coverage. 


Came back to the UK and, as usual, wherever I go - the Internet connection is utter garbage (no matter the number of bars your cellular/wifi symbol displays). 


I started experiencing the problem right after I came back to London. For me it works like this: after using WiFi, when I need to leave the location - I turn WiFi off and LTE does not pick up. In fact, nothing does. I simply get the network bars without any Internet symbol and, obviously, without any internet. I tried airplane mode, restarting (2-3 times in a row won't help), fiddling with settings. Only now I tried downgrading to 3G and it is working as good as 3G would. 


I do blame the network (giffgaff) as I never experienced the problem with a Russian network, however I also need to note that that never happened when I was using my iPhone 7. 



Gonna contact both Samsung and the network tomorrow. 



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