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New Smartphone's warranty shorter than expected - could it be refurbished ?


I've recently bought a Galaxy s9 which should have 2 years of warranty. When checking with the "live chat" that Samsung offers, they told me that the warranty expires on 30.6.2020 which is less than a year from now. Does this mean that someone has registered this phone online before?

@S9_disappoints: If you used the serial number and IMEI number to check the warranty via Samsung Live Chat then the warranty period provided would have been based on the manufacture date. If the device was purchased brand new from a reputable retailer and you have valid proof of purchase then this can be used to represent the 'actual' start date of the warranty.

@AndrewL It's not based on the date of manufacture as the date of manufacture is March 2018.

My concern is not the warranty itself, but the suspicion that it is refurbished or used based on this weird warranty period that could be because the phone may have been registered previously. 

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