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My S9 crashes on some websites

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Hi, first of all thank Samsung for having a place to resolve our doubts.
Secondly I want to expose a problem that I'm having when accessing some pages, for example to
When I access the Menu it doesn't open correctly and I don't understand why, I'm going through some other web.
My terminal is a Galaxy S9, that by the way in the rest I am very enchanted with it.

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Hi @JohanJames


Does the issue remain if you switch from mobile network data to Wi-Fi ?


I've tried your link and it appears to work Ok for me on my Note 9 on Oreo.



Screenshot_20190101-065354_Samsung Internet.jpg


Screenshot_20190101-065247_Samsung Internet.jpg


If it continues to hinder you then clear your browser cache and or try another internet browser.


I can't see it being your phone at issue so see if you can email / contact the developer of the site page to tell them.of your bug.




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