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Multi-window feature not available on S9+ pie update

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This morning I was frantically searching for the multi-window split screen but apparently the latest update no longer supports this feature. The new icons are hideous and now they decided to remove multi-window as well!!! Please bring back this feature bcos its really annoying when you can no longer multi-task on your phone. 😥


Thanks. Before posting online, I had checked advanced features in settings. I only have an option to adjust open in pop-up view. It used to be there. It really appears as though though the feature has been removed. I am a bit perplexed because it seems like I am the only one experiencing this problem. Here's a screenshot:Screenshot_20190719-195702_Settings.jpg


You could try wiping the cache partition, it can cure random issues and you don't lose anything.


Just Google how to 

Thank you. Resetting the cache partition totally did the trick. Screenshot_20190720-112558_One UI Home.jpg


This is a great description of the solution - and I applaud that you called them directly. It's not exactly intuitive but fact is I had to look up how to use the old version also. Now I know where it is, I like it. I think this was described on another forum but I couldn't understand their explanation so I never could duplicate it. Thanks again for your very clear information!
Making things more tricky, more difficult, more steps, taking longer.. is NOT the way forward.
  • why samsung disapear that multi task button. Please bring back that button!!!

but thank you for the helpful tips on comments 😁

Thanks Man you're a lifesaver

Bring back the splitscreen by pressing menu button. 

It's stupid that they changed the easy gesture we used to be able to do for pop-up view. It's way too much to have to go to recent apps and then take the icon and then search for the pop-up viewv buttonb and then tap it. And not only that but all Samsung apps don't work in pop-up view anymore. It's the most ridiculous thing in the world because they're the ones that created it, all Android apps work fine in pop-up view, but when I try to open any Samsung app in pop-up view it ends up going to full screen. For some reason it won't work. I also have the phone settings to be answered in pop-up so doesn't open the phone app every time I get a phone call, taking me away from when I'm working on. I can easily talk on the phone without needing this phone app open. If I need to access the keypad while I'm on the phone all I got to do is click the pop-up. Well Samsung pop-ups just don't work anymore. The problem is every freaking time Android makes a new OS, like KitKat to nougat or 8.0 to 9.0 & now 10.0, they f*** everything up that has to do with Samsung, & actually they ruin lots of apps' features. I can't tell you how many apps I have were there's a feature in the settings & underneath it says "If you have Android 8.0+ this will not work anymore." Android didn't used to do that until the last 2yrs or the last 2-3 OS's. And I bet you Samsung is a sick of catering their tech to Android's *****.

I definitely will be, thanks! I thought when I try to create the complaint it asked me when I was contacted by the person or company. Why? Does that mean I'm only allowed to submit complaints about companies who contacted me? I doubt that's true but I'm just wondering what that was about
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