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Mobile data not working after disconnection from WiFi


This fault occurred after the most recent update of my S9. When my phone disconnects from a WiFi network (whether manually or once out of range) my phone will display either a 4g or H+ but no data is sent or received and apps/browser will confirm the phone is offline. The only way I can get mobile data to work again is to either toggle it off and on or go into flight mode for a short time.

This happens on any WiFi network (home, work, public) and I have the auto WiFi switcher features tuned off. Has anyone else come across this issue? I reset my network settings but that hasn't helped. Would prefer not to have to factory reset to correct a fault which Samsung seem to have introduced themselves. 



In my case, I had to create a new APN. Search for your mobile network provider. This is for voxi vodafone:


Good luck there as did that and spent two hours with support online and getting it back up and lost some stuff and it did nothing to solve the problem... Did you finally get it fixed as mine still not working...


Nope. Although it isn't happening as frequently, it will suddenly and inexplicably not send or receive texts or calls. I've done their fix-all factory reset which made absolutely NO SENSE since it happened right out of the box. SMH. I'd be better off taking a hammer to the screen and getting the store's service plan coverage for a new phone.


Sorry about that as I  agree to taking a hammer to the screen as Samsung has a problem they are not dealing with and their support online and by phone is worthless. Spent over two hours yesterday with a full factory reset which was annoying and didn't work. Certainly won't buy another Samsung product as thought they were better than this as this problem goes back a long way and still not dealt with. 


Phone unable to connect to 4g after leaving wifi started happening to me after the latest update (25th of March). Definitely never buying a Samsung again .


Samsung Note 8. I have the same problem. Hard factory reset helped.


Hi I Updated my A8 2018 from Android Oreo to Samsung One UI 3 days ago and since the update my 4g or Mobile Data is not working properly it is showing glitches as I have tried every possible solution. My Sim Card is perfectly OK aNd it is working best on other devices. 

Suggest me something 


I just got the Samsung S10 + and once in a while, i will switch off my WiFi and use mobile data only to find my mobile data is on, but doing nothing. I have tried restarting my phone, and nearly everything else you could think of. Yet the problem still remains. It is so frustrating, even messages don't send.  

Paying this much for a new phone only to find this fault occurs is very frusturating. 


same issue here for s10+variant, I have to restart my phone just to get my mobile data to work.


the same thing starting happening for me as well after update that came out the first of november 2019, which i installed on november 18th. I didnt notice the error at first since i am almost always on a Wi-fi connection. 


Contacted my carrier and they said it could be the sim. the sim card works just fine. they sent me new APN, which is the same thing as restarting the phone with this problem, the problem goes away until you connect to a wifi again.
but i cant seem to get it working by trying the "switching it on and off again solution (4G)"

I have the note 9, i live in Sweden and i use Swedish carriers and i am using the
N960FXXCSJ4S1/N960FOXM4CSJ1/N960FXXCSJ4S1 130,98MB update

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