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Missing car triggered day/night mode on AA head unit after Pie

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Before Pie update I can trigger night/day mode from my Pioneer AA head unit It's working easily, push once dim the had unit display and switch AA in night mode and push again the display lit up and AA is going to day made. Or if I configured it on AA head unit, I switch on the car's headlight the AA is going to night mode then I switching off the headlight the AA is going to day made.  I got the latest Samsung Pie update, which is only an adaptation from developer mode, not the same functionality like before. Plus this update can't switch the AA automatic between day and night mode, if I connect phone to AA HU before sun rising it' working night mode, but after the sun has risen the AA HU is still working in night mode. Same situation at day to night operation. Please give me some advise.
Thank you!
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