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Lost photos and notes

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I've just had to change my S9+ as the original one had the screen smashed beyond economical repair.

I ensured I did a backup first (previous Apple customer) and then restored the phone to factory settings.

I started up my new phone and selected to restore from the backup but very few of my pictures and none of my notes have transferred over. I'm now having a panic attack as lots of my business enquiries etc are on the notes along with oodles of pictures of my little ones etc.

I've searched online and can't get anything to work to get them back. Please don't tell me I've lost them for good? This would be a huge problem for me and also a terribly designed system from Samsung. I hate to say it but I was an apple customer for over 14 years, I came over to Android last year and this could be a real deal breaker as to whether I go back to Apple or not!

Hoping somebody can help quite urgently?!


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Hi @Gary11 


I appreciate how precious photo's etc are.


Everytime I've backed upto Samsung Cloud when chaging phones I've never had an issue !


I also use Dropbox as using one back up option can be fraught with issues.


If you take a look in Device Care and then Storage whats the storage amounts look like ?


Look under Settings , Accounts and Backup and then Samsung Cloud then choose Gallery at the bottom.


Long hold on Sync and look through the options.


🌈 Stay Safe  🌈 





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@Gary11: If you open the Samsung Notes app on your new phone, tap the 3 dots in the top right and select 'Settings', can you see an option to import your S Note data from your Samsung account? Regarding your photos, please try signing in to Google Photos on your phone (Apps > Google (folder) > Photos) to see if an archive of your images is present here.

Thanks to you both for the replies.


I tried the whole '3 dot' thing but still no joy.  The good news is that I have my photos back, it seems they just took nearly 48 hours to upload!  The bad news is that my notes still seem to be irretrievable....



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