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Lost Custom Dictionary Since Latest Update


Since the latest Feb update I lost my custom dictionar . 

Samsung support doesn't know how to get it back after talking to various support people. 

Developers or User, please advis . 


@Nayno: Sorry to hear of your disappointment. What I'd recommend is checking out the Text Shortcut option in the Samsung Keyboard settings, as this can act as a custom dictionary, of sorts, allowing you to add words and phrases that will then be added to predictive text.

Settings > General Management > Language and input > On-Screen Keyboard > Samsung Keyboard > Smart Typing > Text Shortcuts > Add

Hope this helps.
Yes but list is blank in that setting.
Why would a system update wipe out custom dictionary?
Yes, sadly you will need to re-populate the Text Shortcuts in the absence of the custom dictionary. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.


sorry but this is not a solution

You masking the problem

When you update security patchs or system updates, it should not wipe personal data or custom dictionary.

The dictionary is not a 3rd party app or anything but a native Samsung feature.

Restoring settings does not fix the problem. Please can you escalate  


Had to download and use the Google keyboard. Doesn't look good but at least it has predictive text and has started to learn my typing style. 

Until the "update" has been rolled back its the only option



That's stupid move by samsung developer's team that has been done with no reason. It only shows that you don't care about UX and your users at all. When other keyboard apps add more and more useful features everyday and you could even use free cloud backup for user dictionary. You removed this features completely without any notice or providing ability to backup our data. I am totally frustrated by your move.


Edited - I had the same issue for the past 3 months, the newest update that was just pushed through fixed my issue (Late May 2020)


How bizarre, that same update has given me this issue when I was fine before😥

The exact same has happened for me. Its so stupid!
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