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Lock screen notification - change since update?


Hi all. I've had my Samsung S9 since Christmas and have just done the latest update this week - so far I hate it!


I'm having trouble with the lock screen notifications. Before the update, I used to get a WhatsApp notification, the icon came up on the Always On screen, I'd hold the home button down to go onto the Lock Screen, and the notification with a message preview would be there for me to view.


Now when I do the same thing, the Lock Screen won't show me the preview, without pulling down from top where the icon is, and it appears in the status bar instead.


It also wont show me individual messages there anymore, and when generally on my phone, if I now get a WhatsApp message, it pops up at the top, but instead of saying what it is, it will say '8 messages from 4 conversations', taking into account any messages I haven't read.


Its doing my head in and have scoured the settings to try and sort this but can't! Any help??




Yay!!! Thank you!


yes! this is exactly it. this is the fix!!


You're a God send!!!!! THANK YOU!!! This worked 🤟


Thank you, this worked for me perfectly! I'm also missing a few menu items on my phone compared to my friends samsung s8, pretty weird. On the messages triple dot menu I don't have Contact Us.  On the Settings Lock Screen I don't have Show content, only Hide Content and don't show notifications. Anyone else see discrepancies like this? I found them while checking my friends phone for differences in settings to try and fix this issue.


Thanks.  It was ticking me off to not to get a preview of text on lock screen.  Thank you it works now.


This is something that hadn’t happened to me until I changed from my S8 to a S9+

My Daughter said that the notifications where not showing up on her phone.
I checked my S9 and they were not showing up on mine.

So after reading loads on lots of forums and peoples comments,
I found that, the way that worked for me was.


I Deleted All of WatsApp and re booted the phone.
Went back and removed any remaining folders,

By swiping Up ↑ Samsung Then My Files/ Internal Storage/ WatsApp. DELETE.

Then Go to Settings / Then, put a search in to Reset Settings to Default. / Reset All Setting back to Default.

Not your wifi etc

Then I went to App Store.

Re downloaded WatsApp and let WatsApp put my back up on.


All good and now everything works fine.


Yes this is a more aggressive way but this worked.


You could simply,

try Deleting WatsApp and re installing as this just may work as well.


Thank you for your response!

Is there a way to keep the preview message on your screen longer?

Currently it pops up for maybe 2 seconds and then disappears. I would love if i could make it a little longer so I would have enough time to read the message and know if its worth unlocking the phone in the moment.


Please let me know your thoughts if this is possible. Thanks!

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