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Location not working right for navigation apps...


I've got an S9.


About 3 months ago, my Waze app quit being able to determine my location for navigation. I notice that it no longer works in Runtastic or even Google maps. I've got the settings on "high accuracy" - any suggestions for what is going on? This really is a pain in the backside.

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Make sure you have location permission on for each app

Settings>apps>(apps name)>permissions> make sure location is turned on

waze, google maps, google play services.


Clear data for 

Waze, Google maps, and google play services


Clear data to system location apps: 

settings>apps>(on top right click 3 dots) show system apps.

Fused location


Samsung location sdk


Restart your device. Hope this helps resolve your location issue


I had double checked permissions. Just went through and cleared cache on a bunch of apps, including those you name. We'll see. Thanks.


...and that doesn't seem to have fixed things with Waze. I'll have to try Runtastic this morning and see if THAT is now working.

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i have same problem.  did you get a fix?

Ive cleared data, reinstalled, turned of 5g, checked all permissions are on and still the same