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Is there a way to stop the newest software update?


I've seen how awful it is and I've been able to put it off, but my phone just said it'll update next time my phone is off or in about a week at 2am or something. Or if there isn't a way to stop it would doing a factory reset once it updates help? But I don't really want to go through and set my phone back up the way I currently have it. Any help? Thanks!

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The only thing that will stop this is A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against Samsung for hijacking our personal property and controlling it as if it were their own. Our phones are bought and paid for by us and Samsung has no right to force updates on us against our wishes, interfere with our lives and put us in danger while they're doing it. I am 100% in this if someone wants to get the ball rolling.


There is no such option on the S10


The S10 does not give that option.


I can't do that on the S10. The only possible way seems to be a class-action lawsuit to force Samsung to cease and desist their illegal takeover of our privately owned devices.


Go into settings, about phone, software, build number and keep tapping it till developer option is enabled. 

Then you go into developer options and disable auto update or system update whatever it's called. 


I'm running oreo on my S9, turned off all the update settings. I still get the reminder if I restart my phone and it's there if I drag the top notification bar down but I can live with that.



Regarding lawsuits etc, when you first set up your phone you go through a section where you agree to the software and updates. With that I'm not sure a lawsuit would work. 


But, Android 10 aka Q is not far away, it might be decent. 


A bit like windows on pc, you get the occasional disaster of an operating system then the next one is perfect lol 


If that's possible via the developer options would that then stop Security Patches which imo are crucial !



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone Owner.
I have no affiliation with Samsung.
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Samsung Note 10 Plus 5G _256Gb >_ Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10.

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biometrics and security

other security settings

security policy settings

disable auto updates


Hi Enjay,

Thank you for your post about disabling updates.  I got as far as tapping build number till i got to "you are a developer," but now I don't know how to get into developer options to complete the disabling process.  Can you tell me how to do that?

Thank you again!



Come back out of there then go back into settings and developer options is at the bottom. Go into that then scroll down till you see auto update system and switch it off.

Thanks Enjay. I did as you said but I guess my problem is different. I'm not getting auto updates but i am being hounded to install updates every day, even directly after I've just installed the update. I used to be able to ignore this message, but after the update that i finally caved in and did about a week ago, i'm no longer allowed to ignore the messages. I can choose to update or delay update (but only can delay 9 times total) , otherwise I can't get into my phone. It's driving me insane.
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