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Is it possible to change the background of messages?

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So I got my S9+ this morning (upgrading from an S8) and I noticed the option to change the background of messages is gone. Has this feature been removed or is it still available under another menu? It's a shame that I can't find it because I really liked that feature from the S8. 


Thanks in advance for any help given.


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I have an S8 and it really blows that Samsung removed the personalization background option on this last update. Why would they take away a simple but useful feature like that? This why I moved away from iPhone!! Wake up Samsung and give the consumers back the feature and stop taking away features that consumers are using. Ridiculous!!!

I have the note 8 and cant change my background but could before

I cannot believe that that one particular feature is one that got axed!!!!  I thought I just was looking in the wrong place, but reading these threads I see i am NOT crazy!

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  • Hi, just got the A70,  no choice with that either. White back ground green bubble, cant change the style of writting. Samsung music page is white too. It feels samsung doesnt want us to be able to personalise anymore. Think next time i will look else where. Samsung is looking boring now 😒😒😒
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Same here im.kinda of disappointed I loked having that option to customize my phone

messaging app crippled (dual camera removed) ive been with samsung for years, might need took at a sony or lg next

Hi all, I just bought an s10+ but can't seem to find how to change the colour of the messages. Has the feature also been removed from brand new phones?

There's an S10 forum bit on here too but we can't change it on the S9. I've read of people using a 3rd party app though 

Yep, I believe it's all Samsung phones with the latest software version. I downloaded a theme and have a custom image on my messages, but only one image for all contacts. Luckily, the theme allows me to change my wallpaper image and lock screen image but I'm stuck with the theme buttons.

Samsung! Bring back changable backgrounds for messages.

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