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Individual Phone Ringtones on S9 lost

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Well, Samsung has done it again. They just made some changes to my S9 and over half of the individual phone ringtones for my Favorites were lost. Most of them were downloaded from the internet or other sources like Zedge and were a pain in the ***** to assign once they were found. Now I get to start all over again because they were not still in my phone ringtone list. Thanks, Samsung!!! And, if I understand it correctly, the ringtones are saved in the Internal Storage and not on the SD Card - and it not been easy to try and move them to the SD card. At this rate I can see an Apple iPhone in my future.

Just tired of all the superfluous or "cutesy" changes. When I upgraded from my S5 to the S9 I was totally surprised by all of the changes that went from quick and easy to complicated and unnecessary - just for the sake of change. Samsung needs to concentrate on reliability, speed and ease of operation instead of pretentiously artistic and showy changes. 


It doesn't matter if it's on your phone or the memory cardits really easy to do. 


Sounds and vibrations

Ring tone

In the top right hand corner click "add"

Find your song select it.

That's it.


Then back up all your files and settings etc in the clouds and accounts section of settings.

After open click back up and restore.

Back it all up so if you lose it all then you can just restore it. Easy! 


If not then just have fun trying to put them on to the apple memory card* 😂


*They don't have one. 


You can do it I believe in you soldier. 

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If you downloaded them via Zedge they stay in the Zedge folder, if you uninstall Zedge you lose them, same with the wallpapers

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