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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


The title says it all. The UI is okay to deal with but some of the new features are terrible. I've had my S9 for about 8 months now, and I've never had any problems with it TIL NOW. Closing the apps feature is so complicated, you have to swipe up instead of swiping left or right which is more difficult to do if you're using one hand! The End Call feature isn't there! The photos on my people edge look pixelated! And my clock is on the upper left hand corner, which is very annoying and you can't do anything in the settings to fix it! Fix thisss!!!


Pisteng yawa!

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45,000 views from Samsung users. 650 replies and counting. On just this post. The shill YouTubers all sang OneUI praises and then promptly went back to using their iPhones or Pixels because they don't suck. If all they changed was allowing us to use the old auto hide nav bar, I'd like it. That is a deal breaker though. I want as much screen real estate as I can get. That is why I auto hide the nav bar and installed an app that auto hides the notification bar. Both appear when you swipe up then both disappear a few seconds later. This is how it should be out of the box to prevent burn in. It is also astheitcally better. Another thing they need to address is Bixby. I installed 2 apps to turn my Bixby button into a mute button. It is now something I use several times a day. I am using Nova launcher and my phone is set up perfect on Oreo. I will not update until they allow auto hide regular nav bar again. Take note, Sammy, I will keep this phone until 2030 if I have to. It is just fine and newer phones with holes, notches and wasted screen space are downgrades. No YouTube reviewer shill can convince me otherwise.


How can I change it back without losing everything? 9 is awful!



I absolutely despise this new update, especially how they massacared the recent apps page; I like to keep my phone running as few apps as possible and be able to switch apps quickly and now I have to relearn the muscle memory for no reason at all. I also hated how dumb and kiddy the apps look now, but fortunately I found that you can change them if you go to settings> wallpapers and themes> icons. Some of the options need money and they aren't as good as the old ones but at least they're better than the garbage they gave us by default. What was even improved in this update anyway? All I saw were UI changes and bugs (AKA things almost no customer wants)?

Total *****. Agree. 

The icons make me wanna vomit.

There was a good reason i switched from iphone many years ago. No it looks like iphone plus childish. 

And the recent apps list. Uuugh.


PLEASE RETRACT THE UPDATE!!!!! Well, at least the design part...

Well said! It may take some sort of lawsuit, not unlike the one for the 7's, for them to fix it. It could be the only way to get their attention is thru their wallet.
That seems to be the motto of the new round of designers, fix it until it's broke!
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I'm on the Note 8 currently, and before this update I used the stopwatch in the clock app very frequently while at the gym. After this update the stopwatch is legitimately unusable due to the light gray text on white background. I am color blind so it actually just looks like a blank screen with a stop button and lap button. Samsung PLEASE FIX!

I accidentally updated the Bixby update and I hate it! I meant to hit remind me later. Okay, this is the God's honest truth, at least five people witnessed it! My husband still has his bank account from before we were married. We decided to keep it and put money in that account for Christmas, Vacations, B-Days, emergencies, doctors appts, girls days, golfing with the guys days, datenight,etc.... (No Bills) I have never felt the need to be on it because it's a pain in the ass to go to the bank and change it all. So we opened 1 together. Ok, I know you are wondering what the hell this has to do with Bixby. Well, here goes. My husband and kids and myself know that I have a picture of his debit card in my gallery hidden sorta in 2 albums. (I know this is stupid of me) but I use it for my doctor's visits because they will manually put the numbers in. 2 pics 1 front 1 back. I updated the Bixby bull***** and I went to use the pictures at urgent care for my sons shellfish allergy and the photos were missing from both albums. Gone! Nowhere in my gallery, photos or phone. So I went to the er, which will cost us 1000s for the visit as opposed to 25.00 copay at the U.C. Then, I started getting text of receipts every  time my husband used that card for 2 days. And then, I swear to you on all that I love, everytime I would mention the debit card, tell the story, Bixby voice would start up and then, like talk text, it would start recording every word that I said... I know it.sounds crazy, but I am telling you that when I accidentally downloaded that Update, both pictures vanished from both albums, but only the pics of his debit card did. Then somehow I start receiving receipts for everything that card was used for never happened before and I am not even on that account! And then everytime I would say something about a debit card picture, Bixby voice turns on by itself and records word for word what I was saying! So I went to my apps, forced stopped all 5 Bixby apps and then I uninstalled all new updates from Bixby and then my pictures were back in their albums... Please believe this  Story  because this is no joke! I am baffled at how an app would know that that picture was of a debit card and was able to link it to my phone so that I could receive text messages of the receipts every use by my husband.  And just so you know that even though the update is uninstalled, Bixby turns itself back on and I have to keep force stopping it. And yeah I deleted the pictures immediately and then the receipts stopped! My 73 year old neighbor watched Bixby voice turn on automatically and start typing out every word I said! when I began to tell her this story. Her granddaughter was there and she was the one who showed me how to uninstall it. However, I just now went back to apps and they were all running again and all permissions were turned back on! Has anyone ever took the time to read what the permissions are able to do and do? So I forced stopped all right before I found this page. 2 of 5 no longer show up for Bixby in my apps. But the 3 remaining turned back on and it read that the update is only paused... this scares the hell out of me. I hate the thought of anyone listening to me when I am not using my phone and it really is disturbing that the camera could be on while not in use... no I am not some crazy cat lady or conspiracy theorist. This ***** really happened and is still happening. Read the permissions I screenshot. They are crazy! You can't make this ***** up! Well I can't post the screenshots because I am not seeing a camera button on here... believe me or don't. Take a picture of a used prepaid, front and back and the reinstall the update and watch the pictures disappear! 

@Rugers1mama wrote:
How can I change it back without losing everything? 9 is awful!

I researched how to go back. From what all the experts say, it's doable, and they give you the steps  but it's risky...and th there's a lot to it. I didn't try...

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