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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


The title says it all. The UI is okay to deal with but some of the new features are terrible. I've had my S9 for about 8 months now, and I've never had any problems with it TIL NOW. Closing the apps feature is so complicated, you have to swipe up instead of swiping left or right which is more difficult to do if you're using one hand! The End Call feature isn't there! The photos on my people edge look pixelated! And my clock is on the upper left hand corner, which is very annoying and you can't do anything in the settings to fix it! Fix thisss!!!


Pisteng yawa!

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@sizzygal wrote:

how do i change back to the previous software. This one is so effing bad. . the design is bad... the notification is bad... and the camera features is so effing bad now.



I can't advise here how to roll back firmware.


 Please use Google Search and or look on the xdadevelopers site to learn how.


A person doing this does so at their own sole responsibility knowing that a phone can be put Into an unusable state and possible manufacturing warranty being voided.





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If this update stays how it is or worsens I will not be buying Samsung again

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I hate it too. All of my sounds settings, camera settings, etc were changed. Icons moved, changed colors....too much to list but I hate it.

It's the Android update, not Samsung.....

It seems like things were changed just for the sake of changing them, without there being a sensible reason.


The clock being in the top left hand corner, instead of the right, where it has always been. Pointless!


The recent tabs, instead of being stacked, now have to swipe through them, like an iPhone. If I'd wanted an iPhone, I would've bought one!


The camera interface. You can no longer use the camera, or the video, from the same screeen, you have to swipe to change between them. If I want to change between front and rear camera, I can just flip the screen, I don't need a button there as well!


There are just so many stupid changes that have been made, and they have made the phoe so much worse!

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I hate the new update too, I've had the Samsung s9+ since release date and had no problems, loved how the UI was set out and ran, now everything is just so complicated and looks so awful, why change something that's not broke, it actually makes the iPhones UI look more appealing and that's saying a lot as I've always been loyal to Samsung since the e900

Okay, but.... it's not Samsung. Android is Google. 

I get that, but Samsung Is the only andriod phone I would have as I've tried a lot of android phones out and I think Samsung is the best andriod phone, so If i changed it wouldn't be another android because of pie

What I meant by that was.... maybe we should be on the Google forums expressing this.... because it's their mess 🙂

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It's dreadful. I also can't work out now how to change lock screen wallpaper without it also changing my home screen 😡
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