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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


The title says it all. The UI is okay to deal with but some of the new features are terrible. I've had my S9 for about 8 months now, and I've never had any problems with it TIL NOW. Closing the apps feature is so complicated, you have to swipe up instead of swiping left or right which is more difficult to do if you're using one hand! The End Call feature isn't there! The photos on my people edge look pixelated! And my clock is on the upper left hand corner, which is very annoying and you can't do anything in the settings to fix it! Fix thisss!!!


Pisteng yawa!

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It's like totally a slice of like radical PIE, or a P. O. S! 

I'm broken, there is no other device that has the potential that the galaxy note series does. A great camera, video functions, the pen....

It is just a bloody shame that samsung had a great thing going, almost perfect in my book, and they threw it all into the bin. They don't understand that they have tossed away customer loyalty. Or maybe they do know and don't care  or there is an ulterior motive. 

I would have kept the note 9 until ir fell


Did samsung think they could get away with this just because all eyes are still on the lawsuits against Apples 7's? The new iPhone 10 I max does not have the capabilities, camera, stylus, etc that the note 9 has. Samsung has it right  then they pissed it away. PIE SUCKS

Time to band together. Petition, Class action lawsuit, and one of my favorites; the old time handwritten, snail mail, letterwriting campaign!

I'm in for a lawsuit, there have been so many things, another thing to add is not being able to remove frames on apps anymore so they are all the childish circle/square garbage.  Count me in for class action, I'm fed up.



I am simply asking Samsung if you guys can make an app with the old phone that was factory installed on the S9+ when it was originally released. The recent pie update totally dumbed-down the camera and made it overly simplistic. I paid $1,000 for mine so that I could have a sophisticated camera on my cell phone for my business which is oil painting. It's now $1,000 telephone. The new camera is awful and I know there have been plenty complaints about it. Samsung told me in February there's nothing they can do to fix it. My question was simply can you make the original factory installed camera an app that we can all download to get our camera back?


Yes this update is ultimatley NAFF.

It moved and lost some of my apps, and cleverly changed the colour of some app, so instead of recognizing them, using my device easily and efficiently now cause aggravations.

Why does it look like its operating in 'safe/easy mode', I thought Samsung where trying to be modern, not OAP.

I'm trying to get onto Samsung members to log a complaint about what I think and my questions as to where I can now find things, but I am number15 in the queue to god knows what once there is nobody else waiting before me, cause trying to send an email through members just gives me quick answer boxes, not an actual email feature!!!!

Why the hell would someone change where things were like this?!! What an absolute Jobsworth, to whoever created this update!!!!

I think Samsung need to know just how frustrating this is, when I use the search bar at the top to find certain features in my actual device I am directed to *****ing google!"!! Why do I want to go to google when I got a new number and just want to know my own *****ing number!!! Who the ***** created this TOSSSSSSSSS

Another things that they ***** off was the Photo editor pro, WHY THE ***** WOULD YOU TAKE ***** AWAY!!!
Can someone tell me what is actually new and good about this update or are Samsung struggling in some way and where forced to make these stupid *****ing changes, ignorance to its users thats what it is!! So ***** Samsung, I tell you what this is the ***** that makes me want to ***** off to Apple.


Tweet to @samsung_dev @Samsung @SamsungSupport @GalaxyAppsStore your frustrations! Especially to the developers....I cannot believe we moved backwards. Ugh. 


Global IR Inquiries

Investor Relations

Might I suggest emailing the department who handles investors .. And of course, my favorite, posting a snail-mail hand written letter to corporate. 



Start posting on Twitter and everywhere else. Soon as I can get rid of the S9+ I will be buy another brand and not coming back. Frak Samsung and all there products. I hate my S9+ plus now. Hate checking emails, browsing internet, taking photos everything about it is shiet. I hate using it.



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