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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


The title says it all. The UI is okay to deal with but some of the new features are terrible. I've had my S9 for about 8 months now, and I've never had any problems with it TIL NOW. Closing the apps feature is so complicated, you have to swipe up instead of swiping left or right which is more difficult to do if you're using one hand! The End Call feature isn't there! The photos on my people edge look pixelated! And my clock is on the upper left hand corner, which is very annoying and you can't do anything in the settings to fix it! Fix thisss!!!


Pisteng yawa!

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That's because the new update set "make a call when I bring phone up to my ear" to "On" automatically by default. Even though most of us had this set to of prior. To make matters worse, it thinks my ass is my ear since I always keep my phone in my pants back pocket. Change your settings to turn this back to off. I took hate it when an "update" aggressively forces settings changes on the user....

Would be nice to have a list of specific Top 10 most problematic issues the new update caused so that Samsung has a punch list at a very minimum. Too many people are complaining that everything "sucks  but if we provide Samsung specifics it would help them help us. My biggest issues are 1. Camera settings requie multiple buttons when I used to revert from video to camera using the shutter button alone. Also messaging app requires scrolling and ways too much space with the header "messages" add for 2 peeves


COMPLETELY agree, the "messages" app is once again my issue. I despise that giant white space at the top, but even more than that, I HATE that a text message stream shows the persons phone number. I should be able to screenshot a converstaion and their phone number NOT be visible for their protection.  & idgaf about chatbots... are any of these three issues fixable to get rid of them?


Bye Samsung you lost a customer

Switched to another after this *****ing update


I hate it too. I just had my samsung galaxy s8 updated and its awful!!! Why??? I hate my phone now and this is a new phone. I cant believe we do not get a say on whether we wanted it or not. Why cant the consumer decide on what they want their phone to look like? Its madness. Not buying samsung again. Its like when facebook do these updates and everything looks different for no reason. Its ridiculous! Please can we get it back to the origional???

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opening messages is really weird from the lock screen. Takes much longer. When a new message comes in, it shows my last reply in the preview, not the new message being received. 


I never write reviews but this update has changed the whole feel of my phone and it now feels less sophisticated and more clunky, plus with new design features added that don't really make sense and decrease the screen space.


I don't know why they deviated so much from previous designs and what we've come to expect from samsung all these years. I've been a long time samsung supporter and never considered getting an iphone until now.


Please somehow give us a new update that makes functional sense and also resembles the system we know an love a bit more


How tf do I get rid of this *****?! I hate it so much!!!


Who is the STUPID JACK??S at SAMSUNG that thought this update was a great f???ing idea. Did they hire a bunch of ***** tweens to redesign their UI, or was it a group of blind morons? Most of us adults prefer something that works well and looks good over candy??sed, ugly, cheap looking, piece of garbage that lost usefulness and functionality. Bravo Samsung for completely ruining a decent phone. Guess it's time to find a new phone and company that actually gives a s??t about their customers. Thanks MORONS.


This update ruined my phone. I loved it before. I'm outside a lot and receive texts constantly. I can't read the text in the notification bubble because light-grey font on a white background is hard to freakn read. Why? Why completely change everything? This is stupid.

This ended up forcing me to update a few days later, any solution for that?

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