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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


The title says it all. The UI is okay to deal with but some of the new features are terrible. I've had my S9 for about 8 months now, and I've never had any problems with it TIL NOW. Closing the apps feature is so complicated, you have to swipe up instead of swiping left or right which is more difficult to do if you're using one hand! The End Call feature isn't there! The photos on my people edge look pixelated! And my clock is on the upper left hand corner, which is very annoying and you can't do anything in the settings to fix it! Fix thisss!!!


Pisteng yawa!

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I agree I absolutely hate the update!! Warned all my family members about it as it is just terrible. My phone is doing very strange and random things now! While in a text conversation my phone will call that person I'm texting with. It's not even in my hand I have a wallet style case and just regular cases and it will call when the case is closed, it calls when the case is open, it calls when it's not in a case at all. I'm constantly telling people sorry I didn't mean to call u my phone is possessed!! I didn't spend $1400 on a phone to have these issues. I also didnt spend $1400 to have my phone look like I'm using a kids toy or teenagers 1st cell phone! How do I go about getting this update gone!! Do I have to change brands of phone now?!!?!? Uuuuugh!!!


I'm very glad I found a way to block the update notification on my S9. Android pie forced itself onto my mom's phone (forgot to disable auto update) and it is as useless as it gets. Looks like an iOS ripoff. There have been some unpleasant changes in previous updates, but this one is right out trash, and performance and battery issues are no joke. Oreo works pretty well on my phone, without performance or battery draining problems, it also feels more professional, and I don't want to change that. Looks like I might have to flash Oreo on every new phone I get until they fix that garbage of an update. I want to be able to use my phone how I like and not be stuck with changes that are counterproductive (and unchangeable).


@H2HMarketingTN wrote:

Response from Samsung - take note of the BOLD and UNDERLINE that I emphasized in their reply. 



Dear Heather,

I’m Monika from Samsung Technical support. Hope you are doing well.

I’ve reviewed your E-mail and understand that your are disappointed with the new update. Thank you for sharing the feedback with the Samsung.

We are constantly enhancing our operating system capabilities, and with every improvement there is always a chance an older feature may be changed or removed. We value your input about your favorite features on our devices and will pass on for future updates.

Samsung keeps developing updates using the currently available technologies, feedback received, other sources and will be releasing them on a timely basis.

Samsung always intended to bring something new to its customers. It was only possible either by manufacturing new phone models with little changes or by giving updates for the existing operating system. We receive lot of customers requesting for either new outlook of the operating system or addition/removal of new features. There are also customers who doesn't want any changes to the existing operating system as they are habituated with the old features they have.

As all the requests cannot be accommodated, we take every inquiry/suggestion as a feedback. With a view that every customer benefits a universal update is designed. Here, there are chances that some old user interface or feature may get removed or changed. I agree, not always the new updates suit the users who doesn't want any changes. These feedbacks are the base of any development that comes along. I certainly see you are disappointed with the changes that happened with the update.

I’m extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused due to the update. Though the changes cannot be reverted, however I’ll take it as a priority feedback I hope in future the updates that might release for your model will appease you.

Hopefully you might be getting back all the features that you are expecting in the updates which will be released in the future.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

If you wish to chat, email or call us for any other questions, please go to the "Contact Us" option available on the right-hand side of the support page.

Thank you for choosing Samsung products.

Load of bs from Samsung. Also, it might be a pain, but it is possible to reinstall Oreo (minus the carrier bloatware as an added bonus).


Also, to those who are looking for a way to disable the Pie update notification and popup window: try "Package Disabler Pro" by "policedeveloper" on the Play Store then scroll down to "Software update", tap on it, the check the "Disable" box in the top right corner. Do the same thing to the second item in the list with the same name. It does cost about $3 and despite some of the reviews, it does what it says.


Ive been looking into rolling back and I found this site. Havent tried it as yet as I am waiting on my Telco to get back to me to see what they offer. If I dont get anywhere with them, I will go throught this process and try it out. To which I might add if I go down this line of fix it will confirm that the relationship I have had with Samsung is over. I will beucott any future purchases with samsung and will also go out my way to tell others of what they did, to get them also to go elsewhere.


I know that this will screw with waranty, but I dont care I rather a phone I can use and happy with than one that gives me grief and doesnt work.

Please Samsung roll back this bitter pie update. We buy Samsung for high quality and u iqur options. I did not pay 900.00 for a play phone. And dont you ever change ui without making it optional. That is unbelievable hubris.

Does anyone have any solutions, looks like quite a pity party. When I try to log onto the Samsung app I get a message that says your you have tried to login in several times and your login attempt has expired, change password. But the password is ok online. At the moment I can’t use the Fitness challenge for Samsung health, can’t install anything from the galaxy store - no viable login. No Samsung cloud - just transferred all data from an old phone. 


I know now it’s not a Samsung but Android issue but surely their techies are trawling this site for customer complaints. I have use iOS and am comfortable and this lack of support from Samsung is shocking.

Came here hoping to find others saying the same thing that I feel having woken up to a phone upgrade designed by a 4 year old so thank goodness for your comment. Its bloody awful.

Well i have been sitting on the update for a few days and installed earlier, whish i found out about this before 😕

Luckily i am using nova launcher and with a few minor tweaks it basically looks the same as it did before, minus the weird messed up confusing menus and the goodies they took away.


So i can live with it at present, but i do feel bad for anyone using the stock UI, yuk, 


Nova :smiling-face:


Yuk indeed! I just don't understand how ***** like this goes through all the design stages and keeps getting approved to the point of going in to production!
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