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I hate Bixby


I hate Bixby, this overly annoying service can not be completely stopped. After the prohibition of everything, he appears again and again, I want to smash the phone.


I have moved to to another phone long ago, and will never return to Samsung again until Bixby isn't part of the mandatory software/hardware. I still can't get over the epic fail of Samsung, mindblowing. Tonedeaf. 

Totally Mcviticus

I don't have access to a pc. I'm sure a lot of people are in the same boat. 

Unfortunately I don't have access to, or the need of a pc. So this is my last Samsung
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I love my Note 9. I want to throw it against the wall whenever I click the bixby button by mistake, whenever it activates randomly when I speak, whenever I see its logo. Its incredibly stupid to build a button leading to a feature half users hate - I dont know any Samsung owner who actually uses Bixby. There is no easy way to turn this off. I hate installing a third party app just to block an annoying but obligatory built-in feature. #killbixby


Samsung should try an experiment, make a phone without "Bixby "   and see if it out sells the phone with "Bixby ".

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If your having an issue with the bixby key you can change the single press to an app. Settings>advanced features> bixby key> switch to double press to open bixby and set single to an app you will use.


Hope this helps.

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With bixby i can use voice unlock, most of what i asked of google assistant it would just keep asking me to unlock my device. Am i missing a feature/setting here on Google assistant because if this is missing then im using bixby.

Are you seriously talking about "Voice Unlock"? You're out of your mind🤪😂. Bixby is complete trash and we all know it. There is no justification for assigning a button and useless software to every phone they have. Bixby is like the little cousin of SIRI that is missing several chromosomes. Bixby is the assistant that actually makes you program it yourself unlike SIRI and Alexa. You talking about "Voice Unlock" and 😂🤣.

Yes that's the name of the feature like i said lol and if its trash then why is bixby capable of more in some ways? Just because your confused on how to program it or to lazy doesn't make it bad.

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