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I hate Bixby


I hate Bixby, this overly annoying service can not be completely stopped. After the prohibition of everything, he appears again and again, I want to smash the phone.


Bixby has annoyed me so much I will not buy anything from samsung again until its removed, no tvs ,no ssds, no phones, nothing again, I hate  it so much.

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I HATE Bixby. I have used Samsung Galaxy S5 and S7 and now I am using S9 for more than a year. I promis this is the last Samsung my family will ever use. I used to hate iPhone, and now I hate Samsung as well. It sucks when Samsung tries to force me use the Bixby and when it pops up any time my finger accidentally touches the button or I swip the home page. Goodby Samsung. You lost a loyal customer who where buying your products for years.

I can't disable Bixby button, it still active.

Yep would have to agree with all comments. Having the Bixby program on the phone is one thing but placing a physical button on the phone to accidentally push every time you handle the phone is just plain daft. The many annoying features of the S9 make me want to throw it in the bin and go back to my S5.


..and no I wont be updating again either. If anything I will be going backward to the S7 or the S5.

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Bixby is the worst idea ever. Die Bixby, die!

I hate Bixby as well. If there were an option to remove, rather than disable (since disable DOES NOT work) it would be a different story.

I have to pay for the app disable Bixby!  Samsung really sucks! Sounds like it's time to try Google Pixel.


I just wish they wouldn't have RUINED the note series with this bull*****, bring back S-VOICE PLEEEEASE GOOOOODDDAAAHHH

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My Galaxy Note 9 will be my last Samsung phone I do not like to say that I pay over $1,000 for a phone and I cannot disable stuff on it that I want to

Samsung strike untill its gone, I refuse to buy anything from Samsung!!!!!

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