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I am very unsatisfied with my Samsung Galaxy S9+ new phone

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I am very unsatisfied with my Samsung Galaxy S9+ new phone and the Samsung reparation service.
My phone is a little more then 2 month old, and it was defected, instead of getting a new phone, the reparation service replace many parts in the phone included de mainboard.
I strongly think that in this case i should receive a new phone instead of having a brand new phone to be repaired. As per past experiences, a machine that already is defected from the beginning will always give some problems, and the sad part is that I did not even start to pay for it and have to keep it for 2 years.
Also, the location of the store is not central and to be attended in the repartion store I had to wait over an hour both times, when i brought the phone to the store and when I went to pick it up. Was only one attendant both times and the waiting line was huge.
I am very disappoint with Samsung. This is my first Samsung phone and probably the last


My S9+ had a problem when I bought it so I took it to them and they fixed it under warranty. That was when it come out and it's been absolutely fine since. So have some confidence I'm sure it'll be fine. 

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