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Hard reset (Encrypted and locked )

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Hello Samsung. I have been using samsung since 2007 and till now samsung never disappointed me. But now i am very disappointed with Samsung security (as i never tested before)my Galaxy s8plus was encrypted and locked so my nephew(iphone user) challenge me that he can reset my phone without having my password.i had trust on Samsung's security on top of that my phone was encrypted so i thoght it can't possible But He successfully did Hard reset to my phone. What king of security samsung has ?even encrypted phone can be hard reset and we could lost our Data. I believe you won't work on this serious issue like apple as back in a day someone post vedio on youtube how to bypass iphone without passcode and access gallery. Apple work ASAP and and fix that issue and on youtube thousands of vedio is there for hacking samsung and its security. So impressed with Samung phone and its features but when it comes to security like apple Samsung is Zero(0)

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