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Gmail delay notifications



I just bought a S9 last week. When the phone is in my hand and I am using it, I receive gmail notification and email right away, but when I put my phone aside after a couple of minutes not using it the notification/emails will arrive very late. starting from 10 min late until hours late. In additon If i take my phone in my hand and open it all the mail notification will arrive asap. It is as if my phone/gmail goes to sleep/standby mode when I do not use it. I tried everything. Delete data and cache. resept app settings. reset network  settings reset, setting reset. uninstall and install gmail again. I have no battery optimization on for gmail. sync on the phone is on and sync on gmail setting is also on. I tried everything that can be found on the internet but was not able to solve this issue. gmail sync is arriving very late. help would be very much appreciated.


  • lock screen for gmail is :show content
  • optimised battery usage is not enabled
  • special access: there is nothing called allow unrestricted data usage. I did not find it. 
  • There is sht called allow app while data saver is on, gmail is set on on. 

Hello, we will not solve this problem. It's on the side of Google, it does not work on phones with android one.


I bought an S9 last week, 3/8/19, and am having the same issues.  Everything updated, everything given proper permissions, etc.  Nothing I have done seems to fix it.  My wife got her new S10 the same day, and is also having these issues with her gmail.


Settings-> Devide Manager -> Battery ->  Settings --> Disable "optimize settings" and Reboot the device. Try it!

Same here, I have a brand new S10 and have the same issue with both the gmail app and the stock email app. Very anoying since email notification on my iPhone X are immediate. Guess I’ll have to go back to the boring iPhone X

To be honest, this is really annoying.


My S9 is two weeks old and I am having the same issues.


I have followed this thread and done everything suggested but it still persists.


I am now begining to think that its a Gmail issue and not samsung.



Indeed very annoying, I used the mobile always on options which made it better for a while but after a couple days the problem is back and again experiencing delays on emails coming in.

I THINK I FINALLY FOUND THE FIX!!  It is indeed a Samsung issue, not Gmail.  The reason I say that, the more I dug into this I found that there were alot of things not staying in realtime; weather apps, facebook messenger, etc.  The fix is in the battery optimization setting as everyone said, I missed it the first time around.  Go into settings and search for "Battery Optimization Usage".  There is a pull down just below that which reads "Apps not optimized".  Pull that down and select "All".  This is where I missed the first time around.  Gmail was listed under "Apps not optimized" but when I pulled down and selected "All" there it was again and it was turned on.  I went into "All" and turned off anything I wanted to stay in realtime.  It has been a couple weeks now and all seams to be good.  Emails still take 5 minutes or so to show up on occasion, but I haven't had any wait hours to show up. My wife did the same on her S10 with the same success.


I did the same, went into settings - apps - gmail - battery and changed the optimization to "off" 


So far so good, but it's only been a few hours now and usually every workaround stops working after a couple days. 


A bit worried about the battery life though, Samsungs are now well known for their optimal battery life... 


I checked my settings and also did select all but my google or gmail was turned off. So I was not able to change any settings and it is still the same. gmail mails do come late. 

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