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Galaxy S9 plus screen flicker


Since this stupid update my screen seems to flicker on incoming and outgoing calls..its like I have screen damage but my phones brand new at only a week old..I have also noticed the same problem on my wifes s9..this update is seriously rubbish..Samsung needs to fix it seen as were all using their pricey phones

@Iaian: Sorry to hear that you're having problems with your S9 display following the recent update. Is the screen only flickering during calls or have your experienced this issue elsewhere? If you press the Volume Down and Power buttons together for around 10 seconds until the phone restarts, do you notice an improvement?

Hi and thanks for replying.. it seems their the only times it happens..I have tried safe mode to see if it a 3rd party app causing it and have also tried resetting my phone but to no is still the same on both my S9 plus and my wifes S9

I'm having the same problem with my s9+ since the update - Happening all the time though

A complete reboot and wipe of the device fixed it for about a week, but it's started again today... last Samsung I'll be buying.

I'm having the same issues (S9). It happens during screen wake up. Either it flickers with 2/3 of the screen completely black or the screen looks like a faded old television. There's seriously something wrong with the last patch. Do we have any update if there would be an update to fix this? Thanks

Yup me too. When screen wakes up. If I put the phone into max power save mode (b/w) all appears stable. But seriously what a load of rubbish! Clearing cache, safe mode etc... doesn't help. A great phone reduced to a ***** phone by a not so great update. Fix it ASAP please.

Hello please confirm if there are any fixes to this issue. I've read all comments and seem to have all of these issues. I do not want to reset to factory if it's not going to resolve the problem. Phone is also fairly new less than 6 months old and with the specs and features I thought this was a durable phone but guessing software is were the issue is.

OK so. Here's my update. I have found if I reduce the screen settings to HD+ and do not have auto brightness on and do not turn up the brightness into the orange on the brightness scale... The phone's screen is pretty stable. So far anyways. Still very annoyed this is necessary in the first place!!!



I'm from Sri Lanka and my S9+ device is also facing the same problem.  This is really annoying since I can't even see anything on my display.  This happened after the recent update which pushed Night mode to S9+. Screen is completely unusable. 

#Samsung, please fix this issue immediately since we paid our hard earned money to buy these devices. This is really annoying and need immediate action ASAP.!!!

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