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Galaxy S9 - only can receive calls from landline and mom

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Hi I passed on my S9 to my daughter, I had it for a year and switched to a Pixel and she had an older S7.  I factory reset it and then moved her stuff in (she's special needs).  I've come to find out that since I gave it to her, she cannot receive any calls.  She can call out.  She can send/receive texts from everybody.  The house landline can call her.  The rest of us get a please check number and try again.  I went to AT&T store and they spent an hour with me, even changed out her SIM card.  They ended up escalating the issue (tried everything).  I got home and being tech support myself, I swapped her SIM card for mine, and put hers in my Pixel.  I could call her number/my phone, she could call my number/her phone.  No one else could call her number (so in my opinion, that takes the phone out of the equation).  I swapped the cards back to their respective phones and now I could call her!!  So the landline can call, I can call.  Dad, and several staff cannot.  Come to find out, they all (4 of them) have iPhones, 3 are on AT&T, one is on Sprint.  I also asked my other kids to call her as they don't have iPhones, and alas, they cannot, so that's not it.  I spent over and hour yesterday and another hour today with AT&T chat and escalated tech support.  They truly have no idea.  Her phone has been factory reset 4 times now, she essentially has NO apps on it as I haven't set it up again.  No calls are blocked, all numbers are in her list/contacts.  I am truly at a loss and so is AT&T.  I've looked all over the internet, I've tried everything; cleared network cache, reset 3x, checked all settings.  Any suggestions from here?  AT&T could also call her but the call got rejected because it was from an unknown number.  Thank you. 

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This sounds to me like it's her Mobile Network Account that's at issue.


Networks can reset / flush out accounts.



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thanks I did that on her phone a couple of times, I think I need to go back to the ATT store again.

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