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Galaxy S9 Bluetooth issues Android 9 Pie

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I have a problem when I listen to my favorite station after 2-3 minutes makes a holiday on the sound. When I light up the screen, it comes back for a while but then it does it again....:face-with-rolling-eyes:

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Bought 2019  L.R.Disc Sport in March.

Problems started in April .

Got software upgrade mid April.

Didn't work.  Tried another app phone was spotty. 

Now Sept.

My dealer won't let me bring back till legal Team signs off on newest app upgrade '?  Lemon Law.

Land Rover Auto remote start app now crashes.

Still can't connect phone S8



Installing Bluetooth Phonebook ( should make the phone play nice with the Discovery Sport.


If Call logs are important to you, the version on Amazon App Store ( what you need.


Hope it helps, My S9 (and Pixel 2) now work perfectly in my Disco Sport




Hi All


I confirm as I posted before and now @Bobsalot with the link, installing the Bluetooth Phonebook app (rsap) is solving the issue, as it adds the missing communication protocol between Android 9 and NGI from this range of cars.


In parallel, Jaguar Land Rover is finalising an official update from their side and should be available within a month.




Hi Bobs

Pardon my ignorance but is all I have to do install the app? No settings to change or anything?



Just install it! 


As info, this still works in Andorid 10.





Unfortunately didnt work, still cuts off every 2 mins.  Changing to iPhone Grrr!


Could you share your info: car?phone ?phonebook app installed and configured ? Battery optimisation method ?
It worked for everyone here so there is no reason.

Sure, I have a galaxy note 8 on pie of course I had 2 Cars its stopped working in Jag XF RSport 66 plate and now a LR discovery sport HSE 19 plate.


I installed the phone Bluetooth Phone book V1.3.6 as directed from Play store. I didn't do anything with the phone just installed    Perhaps it's the wrong one or there is something I should have done.  Any help and ***** proof guidance appreciated. 


Bluetooth going in and out

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Exactly the same problems here on S9+.

I ca not listen anything on blue tooth mire than few minutes!

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