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Galaxy S9 Bluetooth issues Android 9 Pie

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I have a problem when I listen to my favorite station after 2-3 minutes makes a holiday on the sound. When I light up the screen, it comes back for a while but then it does it again....:face-with-rolling-eyes:

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Could you give us a little more info on this please? What are you connecting your phone to?


I`ve got the same problem with S9+ and car's bluetooth.

Connection was fine before Android Pie update. Now, the connection keeps intermittent dropping and it's really annoying for music listening, calls etc.

I've done all the usual factory reset,  clear bluetooth cache, wipe phone cache, reset bluetooth connections on car and phone, ...


after Android 9.0 PIE update on my Galaxy S9, I have the same problem.

Hi, I have the same problem. After update to 9.0 Pie a have never endong connection a disconnection between my Galaxy S9 and my car bluetooth (Peugeot Traveller). On Android 8.0 everything works correctly and this problem appeaded just after update. Please fix the issue. Thank you


Exactly the same problem here, connection with old device was impossible. And when I deleted them and tried to reconnect them, pairing was absolutely impossible. This patch is a true nightmare.


It sounds as if your phone may be "optimising" the app.  The implications of the various Device Care settings do not appear to have been thought through in enough detail and the settings are hidden in an obscure set of menus.


Try the following:




Scroll down to the app you're using


Optimise Battery Usage

Change Apps not optimised to All

Scroll down to the app you're using again and turn off optimisation for it by moving the slider to the left.


If this is what's causing your problem, then the above should fix it.


If that doesn't work, then ou may also want to  try changing Allow Background Activity to allow background activity.



@Reginard: yes, for which problem your solution is? I don't see the relation between pairing and background activity, even if I will try anyway :winking-face:


@AlexandrePGEit was intended as a possible solution to the cutting out when the phone goes to sleep.  I agree, it's unlikely to address your pairing issue. 


I'm afraid I don't really have a suggestion for your pairing other than checking whether the car thinks the pairing is still valid - this is a problem I have had in the past.  I can't remember exactly what I did but I think it was something to do with resetting the car's bluetooth.  The fact that the car still had memory of the old connection was not clear from the configuration screen.


Keeps failing.

Phone connects and disconnects over and over again. Sometimes, after a whole, connection keeps steady. But in the beginning, bluetooth connection fails constantly

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