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Free wireless charger for new S9

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Recieved my new S9 yesterday,applied for proof of purchase,yesterday,recieved it today...just tried to claim my FREE WIRELESS CHARGER only to see that the offer expired one mentioned this to there anything i can do please any help would be appreciated !


hi, apologize for jumping on this, I've had my S9 for nearly two weeks, only I got mine from Carphone Warehouse, am I eligible for a wireless charger? Thanks. 


Hi @derobr_75. :robothappy:


This promo has mostly ended, sadly. You'll have needed to have bought your S9 between 1st April 2018 and 31st May 2018 and then make a claim by 30th June 2018.


Always worth checking out the retailer's site or your network's one for any promos they've got running that you might be eligible for though, along with any offers we've got going.

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Exactly the same thing happened to me, bought my S9 April tried to claim my free wireless charger told to wait 14 days after purchase of phone, told I would receive an email nothing came, phoned Vodafone to be told this offer had ended ages ago, the outcome is I have been given an amount off my next months bill for the inconvenience hope this helps x


I had this for a while a never knew that I can claim a wireless charger 

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