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Features Wish List!

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1.  show number of text messages on the message icon.  If i don't hear the notification, i don't know there's a text waiting!  

it seems like samsung used to have this, but no longer?  My husband's iPhone shows unopened messages!

2.  bring back the footnote signature for text messages.  I often text to make appts with other agents and have to type my name etc every time.  Or i send a pic of my business card.  it was easier having that signature built in 

3.  Ringtone customization is no longer available.  I use this so I know if   a lead is coming in   I use a loud ringtone that i wouldn't otherwise want to hear for all calls

4.  better swipe.  my Galaxy5 had a great swipe keyboard.  my s7 and this s9 not so much



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