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Face Unlock Issue

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Just discovered quite a major issue with Face Unlock. My brother was holding my phone and it unlocked. We tried it a few times and he could unlock it consistently. We're not twins, I am a couple of years older than him. Have issues like these been reported before and is Samsung working to fix them? It's quite concerning that having a somewhat similar face allows access to my phone.


Edit- Turned on Intelligent Scan to solve the issue, but it's still concerning that the stand alone face recognition has this issue.

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I've seen previous discussions about face unlock that it isn't 100% secure on most of the different phones that use face unlock.


This is why I also use intelligent scan with irisis too.

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hi guys 

I have the same issue my brother ,just to clarify we are not twins. Is able to to log in to my phone using his face .I have contact Ted Samsung help desk .they couldn't explain it rather they ask me to use other se purity  concern is that I bought this ***** phone to be able to use  the face recognition so I don't need to fidel about with the pattern and so not happy with Samsung  ..if you want to  buy Samsung s10 thhnk about it .

Do not    Buy it .I was unhappy with galagy s8 I had .


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