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Don't Update to One UI/Pie!!!!!


I really wish I could turn back time and undo the frickin' damage I have done to my £800 S9+ 

I implore people to wait - as the One UI/Pie update I downloaded and installed last night is horrendous!!!


Issues noticed within 12 hours of the update.  


  1. The awesome little navigation bar that used to autohide, but appear when you swipe - has been taken away completely!  Now you either have some incredibly ugly icons, or horrible grey lines at the bottom.  Urg!  So I turned the icons off, and now it's a total guessing game for where I'm swiping and for what.  Because the pop up menu has been 'upgraded' and now doesn't pop up anymore - at all.  So - lose precious screen estate or gain it all but swipe randomly and hope for the best.  Ridiculous.
  2. Bixby - that evil data whore of an app - what a piece of *****.  The button is on the wrong side of the phone for most users, and every time you want to take a picture or watch TV - you inexplicably end up pressing the stupid frickin Bixby button.  Thanks Bixby - for interrupting my viewing when I simply want to turn the volume down.  Thanks Bixby - for getting in the way when trying to capture precious moments using the otherwise amazing camera....and losing the moment because I accidentally squeezed you for more than a microsecond - call that a long press???   Before this One UI update, users were forced to sign up for samsung account they don't want or need, to be able to simply disable that stupid button.  Until they long pressed it.  Or accidentally swiped too far left on their screens.  I hate Bixby - and to make it permanently switched on in the new update is just a kick in the teeth.  If users could remap the button, or better still turn it off completely, I'm wondering how many will!

  3. The updated has totally screwed up the menus and keyboard.  I bought the S9+ for the huge screen and ability to see lots of information on one screen.  Well thanks Samsung - your new update put that awesome quality in the bin.  Now you get over a 3rd of each screen taken up with a huge empty box with huge letters saying Settings Is this really necessary!!!!?
  4. Samsung has screwed up the multiwindow function.  Completely - broken.  You used to be able to swipe from the corners and sides to resize almost anything you were looking at or using.  I used to have 3 or 4 at a time.  Loved it.  Now broken.  There is a workaround - but you have to use the new (and awful) task manager.  

  5. The new task manager/recent apps.  Now it's not just more difficult to actually find the button without a huge hideous icon, grey line, or no menu at all, when you do get it, it very unhelpfully fills the whole screen with a preview of the app - you were *last* looking at.  Try it (those who've been afflicted by this crappy update) - see how annoyingly it spins to the app you last used.  Not the one you were just on.  Before the update - the last app you looked at was on top, and you could easily and smoothly flip through all the others like a deck of playing cards.  Not any more.  Broken.  Oh - and if you want multiscreen - you have to click the icon on the app in the preview.  BUT GUESS WHAT!  ***IT'S****BROKEN****  Yes indeed - click on split screen and your app gets shoved to the top of the screen.  Can't see it - can't use it - can't close it - no matter how many times you click on the unhelpful X button.  So let's try multiscreen.  Nope - let's try Pop Up.  Ahh - finally - now we get a screen we can move about - but wait - it limits the size to a box way too large and square.  Before the update - it was a nice small rectangle - perfect for watching TV and playing chess.  Can't do both anymore.  Can't multitask anymore.  Thanks Samsung.

  6. Did I mention how ***** Bixby is?

  7. Yes - there's more - Samsung have ruined the keyboard layout - now there's a huge gap underneath - total
    waste of screen space.Screenshot_20190207-113840_Chrome.jpg

  8. How about how they've screwed with the layout and settings of their previously fabulous camara app?  No longer are we treated to a lovely, simply intuatively named list of resolutions - now we have to mess about pressing extra buttons to get past all this tripe about aspect ratios.  Before - even the newest user to smartphones could see the best quality - is at the top - end of - no question - now they have to delve into multiple confusing submenus to get the best options.  Assuming they ever look again - used to be easy to get to.

  9. Hate what they've done with the way you choose photo formats - I use Pro 80% of the time - and now the menu keeps skipping past it because it's in the wrong place, and the wrong size font, with the wrong amount of spacing between the words.  ROLL BACK THE CHANGES!!!!
  10. I know - I'm bored writing this now - but I've also spent £800/$1,000 on a mobile phone less than a year ago - and now it's broken.  So on with the complaints.  Widgets are completely broken.  Screenshot_20190207-113920_Samsung Experience Home.jpg

    Can't add them, move them or delete them. See the white line around the app?  Can't move it to a new screen.  Can't resize it.  Can't delete it.  BROKEN!!!

  11. What else was there....ummm - yeah - I like the night mode.



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I dont see Samsung listening to users on this. I have finally given up on Samsung Note 8 and moved on to Huawei. Their EMUI is superb and in my opinion, they better understand the user interface. Almost every option is user selectable. 


Good Lock has Navstar, that allowed me to use the original navigation icons! A tiny bit better, but i want a choice of cameras and fixes to various issues mentioned on this forum.


After talking to trading standards,  they agree that our handsets are "not fit for purpose " but a reasonable amount of time must be allowed for Samsung to correct this issue. Although all relevant information about the update was provided on Samsung members app, no explicit information was provided on the software update. It only stated security. Not enough information was provided for consumers to make an informed decision regarding the functionality. 

The grey area is how long we allow Samsung to correct this issue for those that are unhappy, or who feel that they where misled into downloading this update

Unfortunately it is generally thought that Samsung will drag this out in the hope those who are unhappy will eventually give up and start to accept and become weary of complaining.

Realistically,  this massive worldwide company,  will not rewrite software to placate a few hundred complainers 

Even to lose a few hundred customers is nothing when you consider the millions of devices sold worldwide 

I do hope , in the interest of listening to customer opinions, that they do make an effort to solve this issue. But realistically............. don't hold your breath


My patience has run out with this one ui/pie *****! So buggy on my s8. The home screen buttons refuse to work and sometimes when you click on one that f***in Bixby appears. Not too bad with most apps as you can swipe up and select it from there. But how the hell do I use the phone?!?! I'm standing there pressing phone icon about 50 times and swiping away Bixby. Looks so unprofessional when I use it for business. I URGE EVERYONE TO FACTORY RESET AND DISSABLE AUTOMATIC UPDATES! HOPEFULLY THEN SAMSUNG WILL REALISE THEY NEED TO GET THEIR ***** TOGETHER!!

@RossC How about run a 'Device Care' , gell i set mine to run at 3am along with a phone restart at 4am.
Also clearing the cache partition is known to help with performance:
-Power off
-hold volume up + bixby + power
-select wipe cache partition and boot up.
It does make it a little more snappy.
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Yes its ***** my Keyboard rarely opens when I need to type and often closes mid way through.
The phrase blocker in messenger has been removed exposing me to a multitude of spam messages.
I'm due a new phone in October if these updates aren't fixed I'll not be getting the s10

I really really really really really really absolutely HATE the new recent apps windows.. i usually like to have maby 20-30 apps i could scroll horizontally quickly. Now its absolutely obnoxious its really awefull and SUCKS its a piece of shi* idea i absolutely HATE it!!!!!!!!!

Petition to change ONE UI!
Pretty much agree with you mate

Hate the new multi tasking mode ***** and slow back compared to old way

Cant change my lovely keyboard colour either

Why the hell have they made my camera icon solid red, looks crazy

Well done Samsung I loved my note 8 but your ***** update has now driven me to leave albeit i have to bloody wait till August I'm going for the Huawei pro 20.... if oreo had of stayed I'd of stayed with Samsung for years  I was only waiting for the note 10 to come out. Looks like the person that ruined apple has joined samsung! 


Too late I regret accidentally clicking it as well. I really liked my Note 8, I absolutely hate it now. If anyone knows a way to revert back to old OS please post it, this Android Pie/ oneUI is absolutely a ***** update that will most likely have people moving off of galaxy phones if this is the garbage they throw at us... really dislike it

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