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dex galaxy s9 not working

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i'm try to install samsung dex software on my laptop with windows 10 pro and can't install it, the installation was succeed but dex program doesn't work, i looked at device manager and see "samsung_android" yellow exclamation mark and no matter what i try to fix this, it's not working.
i searched this forum and not found answer to this issue.

my laptop is ASUS K54LY from 2011


log files:


thanks in advancedS9+.jpg


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@erezschwartz: I believe DeX for PC is only compatible with the S10 and Note 10 series. For the S9 you will need a DeX Pad or Dex Station to establish a connection. For further details, please check the link below:

that's not correct, because i try to use it on another pc and it works without any problem.

the problem is only with the laptop

Apologies for the confusion. Where did you purchase the laptop, and where are you currently based? It may be a compatibility issue, however you may also be missing the necessary drivers on your laptop. I recommend contacting Microsoft support to enquire about any essential Windows 10 drivers (such as Visual C++) which could resolve your issue.
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