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Delayed notifications issue affecting all range of Samsung devices since at least half a year.

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Currently ALL newer flagship models are affected by delayed notification issue for at least past 6+ months,  which started happening after around may 2018. Most devices are affected such as: S7, S8, S9, Note 9 and similar.

This is related to "doze" feature of android phone, where samsung optimization whitelist options are not working correctly thus affecting almost all samsung phones.


The issue  is reproduced during following scenario:


1. User locks phone, waits around 5m

2. App sends notification (which is not marked as PRIORITY in google push services).

3. User does not get notification

4. User unlocks phone, and suddenly multiple "delayed" notifications arrive.


Multiple users has reported the issue and tried various workarounds such as:


- Disabling battery optimization for certain apps

- Disabling all battery optimization options

- Making sure "WIFI" connection is always maintaned, even during sleep mode

- Making sure DATA connection is always maintaned

- Restoring device to factory

- Totally replacing devices with new ones.

- Wiping cache and similar


There is currently only one temporarly solution working, which is disabling doze using adb console. This workaround is temporarly and works until next reboot. It requires setting phone to debug mode and connecting to it.


"adb shell dumpsys deviceidle disable"


Samsung reaction:


Samsung is totally ignoring the technical issue since at least 6 months or more. There are multiple threads all over the web about such problem existing. Examples:











The issue is making phone totally unusuable for people who rely on instant notifications, such as alerts related to financial services like declining stock rates and similar. I dont understand why such critical thing like delivering notifications in time is totally ignored by samsung. The issue is not present on any other android phones.




If you have ability to contact someone of samsung development team, please forward this thread to make sure there will be finally reaction. Please reply to this thread if you have same issue.

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Dang it, you got my hopes up this time with this Wake Lock app!  But it didn't help my S9 at all.  Set it down, wait 10 minutes, after that text messages don't come in until I pick up the phone or randomly 30 minutes later.  I have all battery optimization turned off.  I've try disabling and rolling back the Google app.  I wish someone could figure this out for everyone.  This phone is beautiful and takes great photos and I want to smash it because it won't tell me when a text message comes in half the time.  WHAT DOES IT WANT!?


Is you battery saver on?  I found Wakelock worked when I turned the battery saver off and restarted the phone.  I used Wakelock for a day, but the battery drain was too much.  My sports scores are not more important than the battery so I turned Wakelock back off. I am currently trying Glimpse Notification, which was working last night, but doesn't seem to be working well tonight.  I wish they would fix this too, but I guess I will just keep waking up the phone.


Hmm.  I didn't try restarting the phone, so it's possible that could have made Wakelock work better.  But I'm not optimistic.  :smiling-face:  And yeah, the battery drain was noticeable in just a couple of hours.  Like your sports scores, my text messages aren't THAT important.  Although, my car chase notifications are slightly more important.


Lol, yea the chase ones are pretty important!  It just shouldn't be this hard to get the phone to work properly.  I just hate when I wake the phone up and I have like 5 to 8 notifications go off.  Or when I am trying to sleep and a bunch decide to come through.  I restarted my phone and now Glimpse seems to be waking it up again.  I just don't know if I want to keep restarting the phone.  :face-with-rolling-eyes:


How long is Glimpse working for?  I turn my phone off at night, so if it lasts the day, then that would work for me.  But I'm not going to get my hopes up.  I've been hurt enough.  :smiling-face:  You don't happen to use Spectrum Mobile, do you?  I've always wondered if it's one of their custom apps or something that's causing this.


I had restarted it this morning.  The game I needed alerts from started at 6pm.  So after the first one was late, I turned off the power saver, but didn't restart again.  I restarted it about an hour ago and seems to be ok now.  Last night it worked for a 3 and a half hour game and I think pretty well after that as i was still getting notifications from the score and a few other apps.  It seems like any time I turn the power saver on or off, I have to restart the phone.  Glimpse has a few different setting you can try if something isn't working, so I have been still testing what is best.  I am on At&t.  My boss is on Verizon and also has the same problem.  So its either Samsung or google is what I heard.

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the work around of adb shell dumpsys deviceidle disable was the only thing working for my SM-G965F until I upgraded to the november 2019 update  G965FXXS7CSJ3. now, even the above is no longer working...any new ideas for those who updated to the latest November 2019 update??? help us please!


thank you very much for the post.


I think this is beyond ridiculous. I will be staying away from Samsung in the future. not because the issue happened. bugs are to expected to some extend with technology, but because they did not fix it in a reasonable amount of time with an update.


thank you much!


It got WORSE?  Well, that's not great.  You were probably like "ooh, new update.  I bet they fixed it."  😠  I guess my fantasy was that someone from Samsung would read these posts and say something encouraging, like they've been able to consistently replicate the issue and they're working on a fix.  My lower-tier dream is that someone will find a Wakelock-like app that finally fixed their problem after a year.  I'm not sure what I would do if my phone was actually important to business or anything.  My THIRD-tier dream is to find a little robot that every 5 minutes lifts my phone horizontal to trigger the wake-up.


I'm not interested in switching to Apple though, so I guess I wish that Microsoft would get back in the game.  Give me an Xbox Phone, Microsoft!


Why to go for Apple, the issue is Samsung specific, I always used Huawei and never had issue.

Go for Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola or Xiami, all work well.


Agreed - avoid Samsung at all costs, if you care about basic functions such as receiving your e-mails and messages on time. They simply don't care and won't care until we all stop buying their overpriced phones.

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