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Dark mode, black background not black anymore after last update

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Hello everyone, 
I have frustrating problem after one ui last update (1.3.2019)
Can someone explain me why samsung ruin dark mode, now "black" background is not black anymore it is grey!!!, you can notice it everywhere, (only in notification drop menu is completely black as before update).
I love super amoled display so much and now I have feeling that I have IPS.
For me this is not small thing, I had so many years samsung phones and love them and now big disappointed.

Help me please to get dark mode to black again as before, thank you.

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This is as annoying as anything wrong one can think of. I personally thought my device was faulty, hoping to take it in for a repair not knowing that the update was the cause.


It is so unfair to send us back to an ugly-looking greyish background after using the complete black for a while. Now my device be looking so dumb and annoying to use at times. Oh yes, this is so not fair and not acceptable.



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Is there any help? 


Yes me too.. this night mode after rhe update is very bad :(.. blacks are gray instead of pure black for amoled screen like the first update. 

UPDATE PLEASE OR JUST FIX IT.. i dont want to try out the factory reset for this.


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