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Cyrillic Serbian Keyboard


I have request.

Please add new keyboard input language Serbian Cyrillic (Српски)

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Yes please add
After 8 years with samsung phones my wife (a50) and I (s8) will leave samsung. Their r&d team??? is fast like my dead grandmother. When you add my native language then I will return to samsung.
Somebody from samsung to answer: WHEN CYRILLIC???

I'm done with Samsung. 

After 12 years I've decided to try... Bought Xiaomi mi 9t and for sure will never get back to Samsung. 


Hi Samsung, 


Thank you for your update stating that Serbian Cyrillic may be included as an input language in 2021. 


I would like to join my countrymen in stating that having a Serbian Cyrillic included as an input language in Samsung devices is a significant element in the process of us choosing which device to buy next. 


As an example, I am seriously considering switching from my notebook Win 10 device to a tablet device with supported physical keyboard (Galaxy Tab S6 being one of my top choices) as my primary travel device. However, the lack of native input language (i.e., Serbian Cyrillic) puts Samsung devices at a serious disadvantage, since most of my work revolves around official documents which must be drafted in Serbian Cyrillic script. 


Accordingly, it would be very appreciated if you could convey our suggestions to Samsung devs and let them know that putting a small additional effort of including a Serbian Cyrillic as an input method into Samsung devices asap would really go a great way in helping all their Serbian customers. 


Thank you in advance. 


Kind regards,




Bro I don't have money for iPhone xD


There is no Bulgarian Cyrillic too. Cyrillic is not included at all. 

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