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CPU overloading/ battery draining

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Hi, 18month old samsung s9 and start giving me issues with draining battery and getting hot. Also some times system gives me message to restart phones as CPU overloading or some apps. Does not go to "sleep" mode (only when charging) I have done full rebook to factory settings plus few other suggestions from internet. Does not help. Can anyone advise? Thank you


If the CPU is overloading high usage will create a lot of heat. Charging creates heat too, possibly worth mentioning never cgarge your phone if you are running apss that need a lot of CPU resources. Cut down the time of your gaming sessions is also something to consider as repeatedly having your phone overheating will shorten its life.

Thought I'd mention these things.

When does the device get hot? WHat apps are creating this issue? How long are you spending time on the device when this happens? Are you connected to the charger at the same time?


@Vidma: Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue with your Galaxy S9. Can you try going to Settings > Device Care > Memory > Clean Now, to clear any background and cached data from the device. Also, tap on your Recent Apps button and clear any background apps that are not in use, and do this regularly to prevent too much strain on the CPU.

If you go to Settings > Device Care > Battery > Power Mode > Adaptive Power Saving, this will set the power mode of the device automatically based on your usage. You can also go to App Power Management, and limit the battery usage for apps that you don't use often. I'd also recommend going to Battery Usage, to see if any apps are listed that are using an abnormal amount of battery.

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