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constant glitches from September 2019 update

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My s9 plus was working perfectly. Until I installed the latest update.

I went into the Samsung store, turns out I'm not the only person in Australia to have this problem. But it's specific to people in Australia that bought their S9s from Best Buy in the USA.

I was told there was nothing they could do about it, except wait for another update, or risk taking my s9 plus to a dodgey shop to reverse the update.


My s9+ won't stop lagging, and constantly shows this "IMS system keeps stopping" pop-up notification. The battery life is also terrible and the s9+ is over-heated most of the time.


What am I supposed to do? It took me 15mins just to type this out, the lagging and glitching is that bad. I can't find ANY news about these problems or a solution.

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What happens if you put the phone in safe mode @Zubatclan  ?


I assume it's been factory reset after the update.



Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-9820 _256Gb SnapDragon 865+

Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10.


In safe mode it's still slow and glitchy, and the IMS pop-ups still happen.


What does this point to being the problem, @BandOfBrothers ?

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I live in New Zealand but I am originally from the US and purchased my Galaxy S10 while back home on vacation a few months ago. Since the update on Thursday night my phone has been unusable and I have had to switch my sim card back into my old S5. It is outrageous that this update has caused so many issues on a nearly brand new device. Is there anyway we can get the recent update removed by Samsung (without going to a dodgy place/website) so that I can use my phone again? This whole situation is so incredibly frustrating. 


I live in Canada,  bought my S9 Plus at Best Buy. No audible notifications after the September 2019 update. Still get vibrate though. AMD battery life is very bad. 


I don't believe in coincidence 

Hi, Mate! 
   Usually some cache files from previous software version may cause this kind of bug. Cache files are temporary files that can cause a bug like you're experiencing in your device.

 Here's some steps which might help you on this matter:

1. Restart your phone.
2. Clear the cache through Settings> Device Care> Storage> Clear or clean(it will not delete any data).
3. Check if the notifications are enabled. If enabled, please disable it and re-enable to optimise the notification feature. Please also make sure to turn up the volume in your phone through Settings> Sounds and vibration> Sounds.
4. Reset Settings, it will set the settings to default and rest assured that it will not delete/affect the data in your phone. To do that, please go to Settings> General Management> Reset> Reset Settings.
5. If all of the steps above may not work, the last step would be us Factory Data Reset. This will bring back your phone to factory settings which will delete all of the data in your phone. Please back up the phone and remove the Google account in your phone:
     a. back up your device using Samsung account or Samsung SmartSwitch PC.
     b. remove your Google Account in Settings> Accounts and backup> Account> Google> Remove.
     c. Factory reset, Settings> General Management> Reset> Factory Data Reset.

Hope it will work! 

I'm in the UK and I've not received the September update on my S9 on the Vodafone network! 


Am I alone on this? 

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Even my phone has started flickering after this September 2019 faulty update. I've tried rebooting in safe mode, but this flickering is not going away.


I too have not received september update in uk. Im on vodafone to.
Then i would rather wait until update is stable for s9+ Ive no problems as of now on s9+
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