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Connecting phone to car


My galaxy s9+ connects to my  car the phone part works but the media doesn't work but my iPhone worked and my husband galaxy s7 plus but mine doesn't could someone help 


Paid a lot for the upgraded sound system in the car, Tidal isn't cheap either.


So, when my new Flagship S9 plus phone couldn't connect via USB.....back she went. Bluetooth sound is terrible at best. No issues with my new iPhone X replacement. USB playback is perfect 


I got the galaxy s9+ 3 days ago.  Really love this phone.  This however, is a deal breaker.  My iPhone 7 plus never had issues with usb connectivity.  I am heading back to Best Buy this evening.  I don't want to, but this feature I can not go without.  I don't trust this will be resolved. 


I found this on another thread a may be of help.

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I have tried to connect my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone to  my car via aux cord as I've always done with all my other Samsung's phone. Unfortunately, it would not work. I followed the steps on here, I removed the Samsung Pay and the NFC and payment, still does not work. I then went into the settings, went to "connections", clicked on "more connections", then clicked on "mirror link". Now this is where it gets tricky. Once mirror link is selected I'm suppose to be able to click on "connect to car via usb" but that is grayed out so I cannot select it. I went on Google and YouTube to try and figure it out but it's way too complicated. I would have to have Samsung to remove mirror link or enable it so I can use my phone while connected to my car. Any suggestion it's frustrating and I'm all out of ideas. Please advise.

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